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Purina Supercoat Puppy Dog Food

Purina Supercoat Puppy Dog Food is a Premium natural nutrition tailor-made for your puppy to help him grow up healthy and happy.

  • Rich in vitamins E & C to build your puppy’s natural defense
  • DHA to aid brain development and visions for your puppy
  • The high-quality protein formula helps to build a strong immune system
  • With Real Chicken for a complete and balanced nutrition, with no artificial colors or flavors
  • Life Stage – Puppy
  • Suitable for – Alll breed puppies
  • Ingredients – Cereals and Cereal products (Wheat, Rice bran, Corn); Chicken and Chicken products (Dehydrated chicken protein, Chicken oil and Hydrolysed chicken protein); Vitamins and Minerals;Invert syrup; Soluble fibre; Dehydrated fish protein; and Milk solids.
  • Nutrition Analysis – 26%- PROTEIN, 12%- FAT (MIN) ,5%- FIBRE (MAX), 12%- MOISTURE (MAX)
  • Feeding Guidelines –

    UPTO 5 KG

    SMALL (5-10 KG)

    MEDIUM (10-25 KG)

    LARGE (25-50 KG)

    GIANT (50 KG+)

    1.5-3 months

    55g – 100g

    66g – 133g

    88g – 221g

    111g – 227g

    138g – 465g

    3-6 months

    61g – 83g

    100g – 166g

    133g – 337g

    221g – 459g

    227g – 748g

    6-9 months

    66g – 83g

    83g – 166g

    166g – 398g

    337g – 675g

    459g – 1101g

    9-12 months

    41g – 120g

    83g – 191g

    166g – 353g

    398g – 730g

    675g – 1112g

Recommended daily feeding amounts (grams). Note: 1 cup = 110 gms
The table above should be taken as a guide only. Food intake will vary depending on breed, sex, weight, age, activity level, & environmental conditions.

Available in Following sizes   – Purina Food is available in 400gm, 3 kg, and 10 kg packs.
Store in cool dry place
Veg/Non-Veg – Non vegetarian


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