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Pedigree Meat & Rice Adult Dog Food

Pedigree Meat & Rice Adult Dog Food is a healthy and complete meal for your adult dog, packed with proteins (from meat) & vitamins (from vegetables). Specially-shaped crunchy bits help keep his teeth in top condition (for all those games and tug-of-war!), whole grains & naturally-sourced prebiotic fibers help keep his insides healthy and Omega 6 & vitamin E help keep him looking and feeling his best (no matter how often he rolls around in the mud!). High-quality meat proteins help give him the energy he needs to enjoy a good game of fetch with his favourite ball.


  • Wholesome, complete meal to provide balanced nutrition and strengthen your pet dog’s immune system
  • High-quality ingredients; the right mix of cereals, meat, chicken, soybean, carrots & peas for healthy, natural growth!
  • Palatable taste; time-tested flavours of our custom dog food recipe and crunchy kibbles that make your pet dog rush towards his meal!
  • Produced under highest factory standards and subjected to stringent quality checks. Pedigree pet food contains no artificial colours & flavours
  • Made with love; backed by thorough research of the renowned waltham centre for pet nutrition
  • See 5 signs of good health in 6 weeks – a pedigree assurance! Keep your pet dog healthy, active & happy
  • Ideal for dog breeds of every size – be it a cute little pug, a big, bold german shepherd or a friendly, playful labrador!
  • Pedigree  meat & rice 1.2kg lasts for 8 days @ rs. 12.50/- per feed per meal (refer display image for more details)
  • Lifestage – Adult
  • High-Quality Ingredients – Cereals and Cereal by-products  | Meat and Meat by-products  |  Soy bean Meal  |  Soybean Oil  |  Di-calcium phosphate  |  Iodized Salt  |  Antioxidants  |  Distilled Monoglycerides  |  Choline Chloride  |  Vitamins and Minerals  |  Carrot Powder  |  Peas Powder  |  Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate  |  Permitted preservatives & flavours
  • Feeding Guidelines – PEDIGREE dog food is a complete and balanced meal in itself. Just give your pet clean drinking water with every meal. In case your pet does not enjoy PEDIGREE dog food, continue with the mixture of PEDIGREE dog food and current food for a few more days
  • Recommended daily feeding for your pet
  • Storage Information – On opening the pack, store PEDIGREE dog food in an air-tight container, in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.
  • Available in Following sizes   – PEDIGREE Chicken & Vegetables is available in  1.2kg, 3kg and10kg


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